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Somafera, Madspace, and Low-Tech Transhumanism
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Using another psymech principle with the eureka technique makes it more effective still. Of course, it also makes it more complicated and difficult, but practice does pay off. If, during the seeding process, you selectively seed with dual thinking. Every thing you scan or contemplate should be seen in terms of matched pairs of opposites. If you are considering a problem, consider it from both a top-down and bottom-up perspective. Think of specific examples and general trends. Think of the right side of the machine by itself, and the left side by itself (for example). For another example, think of the left half of the equation alone and the right half alone.

This will produce all the benefits mentioned in the section on duality. It will also do other things. One is that it will more easily cause overload. But the more important thing is that these dualities will tend to get conflated with the rhythms you are setting up with your bodymind by breathing, tensing, etc. That means that some thoughts will get associated with relaxation impulses, others with focusing impulses. This is simply because the mind always tries to save energy by mixing similar things together into the same “mental space”. The dualities of the seeding thoughts will naturally enough fit in with the dualities of the rhythms.

This means that once the different rhythms themselves start getting pulled into one then the different seeding thoughts will become mixed together more readily too. This will encourage new perspectives and creative thinking even more.